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As a Southern gal, Riding has always been a part of my life. I’ve vaulted, played polo, worked with Mustangs, and even helped start a girl's horseback riding summer experience from scratch, focusing on inner beauty and creativity.
Check out my 80’s/90’s Country and Ballads Queens playlist, or I’m happy to explain the method to my madness that is the Taco Bell-themed Summer playlists.
I’m a proud Auntie to two amazing humans, and WILL make it everyone else’s problem.
Name any TikTok beauty trend, and I’ve tried it – I’m always testing, experimenting, and reviewing (I have a spreadsheet, its serious) the latest product or indie brand out there.
I have my Master’s Degree in Experience Design from two awesome years at the VCU Brandcenter, and have the portfolio to prove it.


A handful of my favorite hobbies and personal passions (plus some niche interests that I could talk about forever) that have influenced the way I think. 🧠

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