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I’m born on the mother of all three day weekends, Memorial Day.

Poor, lonely 10-year old me figured out a way to make my friends stay and celebrate with me - planning wild, crazy, homemade parties no one would want to miss.

I turned my backyard into a carnival, shoot out saloon, and the Oscars stage, complete with gold spray-painted water bottles as awards.


I’ve always solved problems to bring the best experiences to others, which is what led me to experience design.

After spending years planning almost everything, (flash mobs, a summer camp, and even a Vice Presidential Debate) I found that I could do so much more than set an 8-top table in my sleep.  


Finding a way to make things easier, more meaningful, or even wackier is really what gets my blood pumping.


Working on design problems that affect human behavior and culture fuel me, and empowering users to enjoy something unexpected is just the extra icing on the birthday cake. 

Currently throwing a party...

At Translation LLC in New York. 


Ask me about my work for Beats by Dre or State Farm!

Pizza connoisseur

Late night listener

Kickboxing amateur

Ukulele enthusiast

Alma mater rah-rah (go Lancers!)

Karaoke fanatic

Fast food addict

Tarot card mystic

Marvel Comics nerd

27-year Halloween participant


At first glance, baby mattresses and vibrators don’t really have that much in common.


(Okay, maybe they do, you sicko)


All the work I do aims to change perspectives.
The way people see beauty, talk politics, and express their sexual preference - my brain immediately jumps to the often unreasonable and unconventional.


That’s what I look for in a workplace — somewhere that will test my beliefs, teach me something new, and create perspective-changing work that impacts humanity. 

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