Brand values

Here for the making since 1919.


Using the brand's patented motor and design, we were able to make a product.

But what would we name it? 

Kitchenaid's mission is to empower makers.


We wanted to keep this same 'maker mentality' to inspire our new line.

Gosnell Duncan

The first person to create a strap-on for handicapped people and to introduce flesh shades for people of color.


Dell Williams​

The pioneer of ambiguous sex toys, and the first woman to open a store selling sex toys catered to women.

Brand Positioning 

Filling a hole in the sex toy market.


That sounded pretty gross. 

But seriously - Kitchenaidx finds the balance between the raunchy sex shops of yesterday and the pretentious, unapproachable brands of today’s internet generation.

Screen Shot 2019-04-06 at 10.51.59
Screen Shot 2019-04-06 at 10.50.27
Design Aesthetic

Current Product Design

Kitchenaidx Inspiration

Sketches and progress shots
Cinema 4D Product Shot
Cinema 4D Product Shot
Cinema 4D Product Shot
Cinema 4D Product Shot