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3D modeling + product design + concepting

An unexpected product line  that inspires making love in the kitchen.

My role

To think of the craziest product extension possible.

But on a more serious note, I concepted and designed the Duncan model, as well as did product and market research - in both the kitchen tools and sex toy industry.

Transport the design aesthetic and brand values of Kitchenaid into a new product in a new market.

Screen Shot 2018-11-15 at 3.39.57 PM.png


People only see Kitchenaid for their high quality kitchen tools.


They make everything from cutlery, to coffee makers, to cooktops - a world of products with a single purpose: to make sure their customers  get the most out of making.



Anything you want to make in the kitchen, you make with KitchenAid.


KitchenAid could provide tools for every experience makers have in the kitchen.

Making memories, meals, even making love.

Screen Shot 2018-11-15 at 3.39.40 PM.png

What if Kitchenaid's motors could do more than mix?

Kitchenaidx, a collection of sex toys from Kitchenaid.

An interchangeable and connective experience including KitchenAid's patented motor and charging base technology.


Named after innovator Gosnell Duncan, the maker behind the first strap-on device for handicapped people. 

His innovative spirit inspired the completely customizable vibrating handle.

The Duncan comes with attachments  to accommodate any pleasure or orifice you desire.


Model Duncan with attachments


Insertable, vibrating, and inserted attachments


Its namesake is best known as Dell Williams, the pioneer of ambiguous sex toys. 


This set includes a charging pad and remote to always prepare for the right moment.


Her entrepreneurial attitude of creating an item to bring couples together is what inspired us to create the ultimate couples experience. 


Flexible Model Williams with charging pad


Small, handheld Model Williams remote

Cooking and sex really aren't that different.



We see the kitchen as the perfect scene for making love.


Chopping, dicing, folding - all the preparation, or one could even say foreplay  that goes into the big event.

tea-pot (1).png

Keeping with this 'maker mentality', all new products are inspired by makers in the sex toy industry.


The new product line is inclusive for all makers to enjoy individually or as a group activity.

We see this as a huge publicity stunt for their 100 Year anniversary collection.


Proving Kitchenaid is still committed to bringing the best of technology to its makers, and innovating for endless possibilities in the kitchen.

Plus, it’s dishwasher safe.

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Visual Style

We had a lot of shapes, buttons, and tools to have fun with. 



It's okay to giggle.

So many of our briefs at Brandcenter are world-changing or earth shattering. We decided to shift a mentality through designing for pleasure (ha) and having a lot of fun with this project.

Some research you shouldn't do in a coffee shop.

Especially when investigating what the current sex toy landscape.



Paige Rollins, Experience Designer
Katrine Limseth, Experience Designer



Cinema 4D



Pen and paper for concept sketches



Rick Plautz, Instructor

Patrick Swayze + Demi Moore, for inspiration.

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