product design + passion project + user research

A gender inclusive care line that allows all humans to experiment with makeup.

My role

I created a cosmetic line that lets the user test out a personalized (you guessed it) kit of sample products.

I gained most of my design solutions from in person interviews and surveys, as well as market research and a homemade prototype. 

An inclusive care line for all humans.

KIT provides the tools to experiment and let customers determine what products are right for their identity.

Makeup that speaks to everyone.​


I found four major issues across all levels of cosmetic uses from research and interviews to solve for: 

Never feeling like the products were created for them

Fear of using the 'wrong thing'

Feeling unwelcome in the gendered beauty aisle

Not knowing where to start


Naming and tools
that appeal to everyone

Products and scents
that are easy to understand

with a low barrier

on how to use the products

Naming + Tools

All language in the KIT line had to be reimagined to be more inclusive, more approachable.

This includes gender inclusive pronouns in directions, and avoiding overly feminine or masculine terms we’re familiar with.

What I heard:

Labels are overwhelming, and often full of industry jargon like 'luminizing' and 'enriching'.

What I did:

Use words people are familiar with in other contexts, and how they would use them. 

Ex. Stain means to add a rush of color.

(Stain a deck or t-shirt with ketchup) 

Scent + Product

The size of the products are in small, sample-sized packaging and is applied with just a finger.

The products themselves are made with recognizable ingredients and scents, most of which you can find in your local grocery store.

What I heard:

Hesitancy towards buying a full-sized product, especially if they've never used it before.

What I did:

Create trial  packaging that empowers users try the product without a heavy commitment. ​ 


By creating an online store, KIT is immediately removed from the gendered beauty aisle.

The product quiz allows the user to create a customized KIT based on their needs and willingness to experiment.

What I heard:

People who are wearing makeup already are purchasing it online. 


The ones who want to try wouldn't purchase products in store.

What I did:

Developed a personalized product feature that brings the 'makeup counter' experience to life on the screen.


Instructions on how to apply and wear the product are listed on the directly on the packaging.

This language is continued to the product pages on the website, so users can feel confident prior to purchase.

What I heard:

Someone needs to show you how to put makeup on in order to wear it.

What I did:

Create a versatile product with no 'right' or 'wrong' way to express yourself.

Brand opportunity

By identifying the existing product lines, I was able to find a unique positioning for KIT's brand.

Limited Products

Just getting started



Visual Style

I took careful consideration with colors and type to appeal to all identities and expressions.

(But also something you'd feel awesome carrying around.)


We had a science fair style show-and-tell to let my classmates experiment with KIT.

*Me testing out KIT on my professor, Berwyn Hung



There's so much more to learn.

While I continue to work on the fidelity of this project, I'm also freelancing for a local beauty startup, Blush Out Loud

I've  helped with their recent collection launches and will design their new eyeshadow palette this fall.

It can all go wrong in a moment.

After spending hours creating the perfect skin shades with a diverse mix of undertones, I dropped the prototype. And cried a little.

Round two was even better, so it all works out in the end.



Paige Rollins, Experience Designer





Fixy Kit

Google Forms




Berwyn Hung, Instructor

Test subjects (including my roommates)

Fixy Makeup

Lilah B