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Gerry Revealed

campaign + content strategy

A campaign that uses ghost stories to educate and activate voters on the dangers of gerrymandering.

My role

As a team, we researched and deliberated on what actionable methods would be best for connecting citizens to creating fair districting in their area.

Individually, I concepted way too many spooky ideas, wrote and recorded the hotline, and designed merchandise.

How do we activate and educate citizens about Gerrymandering?



We feel the effects of Gerrymandering every day, we just don't know it.


Because Gerrymandering is difficult to understand and recognize, it is often left out of our national dialogue.



Inspire voters to call upon Congress and  presidential candidates to demand that gerrymandering become a national issue.


It's all his fault.


Elbridge Gerry.​

5th Vice President of the United States, creator of Gerrymandering.

Gerry is the mysterious puppeteer of a corrupt electoral system.


How do we make Elbridge Gerry the most hated man in politics?

Turn Elbridge Gerry into the poltergeist of the political system.

Our mission is to expel the ghost of Gerry from politics through an awareness campaign that connects voters to their representatives.

We all love a good ghost story.


We used ghost stories as a vehicle to make something big, complex and scary - understandable, a little bit funny, but still definitely scary. 


A hotline to connect citizens with their representatives.

A website to learn more and support the campaign.

Social activations for citizens to interact with Gerry in unexpected ways.

Brand partnership
Screen Shot 2019-04-22 at 2.07.25 AM.png
Screen Shot 2019-04-22 at 2.06.17 AM.png
Screen Shot 2019-04-22 at 2.07.37 AM.png
ben-jerrys-1-logo-png-transparent (1).pn

Ben and Jerry's is a logical brand partner for this campaign.


Not only because it's a cute play on the name, but they are true champions of civic issues - supporting VRA and other campaigns over the past three years.


The Gerry hotline (voiced by the ghost of Elbridge Gerry) informs callers about gerrymandering, connects voters to their representatives, and tells the story of Gerry.


Gerrymandering Hotline - Elbridge Gerry
00:00 / 00:00

Hotline user call flow

Website is home to actionable resources for users to learn more, shop, and get involved in local Fair Maps groups.




Users can get involved in organizations, donate, and sign petitions in their area.

Meet Gerry

Meet Gerry

Learn about Elbridge Gerry's life via his tombstone.



Alongside the cool 'true believer' merch, you can purchase items to 'expel' Gerry from your community.

Ghost tours

To celebrate Gerry's 275th Birthday,  a hearse can be found touring the nation's capitol - serving ice cream and giving guests a 'ghost tour' of the city, educating them on real examples of gerrymandering.

Artboard 3.png
Artboard 5.png

At the conclusion of the tour, guests will receive postcards to send to their representatives, encouraging them too to expel Gerry.

Reverse Graffiti

In the thirteen states where Gerrymandering is most prevalent, mysterious sightings of Elbridge Gerry and his candle will appear... encouraging users to call the hotline.

Artboard 5 Copy.png
Artboard 5 Copy.png
Ice cream.png

This flavor can be bought on and will be served at the DC Ghost Tours.

Berrymandered to the brim

Ben & Jerry's will also create a special ice cream flavor, only sold in stores in the thirteen states that are considered the most gerrymandered according to the efficiency gap.

download (2).png

True believers can keep up with Gerry's hauntings on Instagram, watching him spook congressional representatives who are only in office because of him and unfair districting.

download (3).png
download (4).png

While these elected officials are not necessarily at fault for Gerrymandering, it is their responsibility to fight for fair districting in their states.

Timeline + User Journey

All executions fall in line with key political decision moments that lead to Gerrymandering being a hot-button issue in the 2019 Presidential Primary Debates.

Why this works.


The campaign is interesting enough for those not tuned in to politics, yet low barrier enough for all citizens to get involved.


Each tactic has a direct way for citizens to get in touch with their local and congressional representatives, and still stays multi-partisan.


Ghosts are constantly searching for their eternal slumber, so there is no expiration date or limitation on all the spooky things Gerry can do.


Why this matters.

Even though this is a fake campaign, this is a very real issue.


The Supreme Court will be ruling on the first ever hearing on Gerrymandering in late June.


Virginia is one of the thirteen most gerrymandered states. If you're in the area, here's how you can get involved:

Screen Shot 2019-04-22 at 9.35.02 AM.png


Eyes glaze over the second you say 'gerrymandering'.

By poking a little fun of the issue and leaning into the lore of Elbridge Gerry, you'd be surprised how fun redistricting can be.

Passionate teams win.

We started working on this project as soon as we could - with backgrounds in local politics and working with the ACLU, we're a group of four civically engaged women who demand change.



Paige Rollins, Experience Designer
Elise Sokolowski, Experience Designer

Meghan Gaffney, Experience Designer

Sailee Gupte, Experience Designer







Garage Band + audio tools



Berwyn Hung, Instructor

Kevin Rothermel, Instructor

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