Brand positioning

What is an end-to-end sleep company, anyway?


Consider the impact on customer lifetime value if Casper were to offer baby mattresses. 

The brand could be involved in providing great sleep to people from end-to-end of their lives, and at every mattress buying opportunity in between.

Welcome your child home on their baby mattress!

Your child graduates to a 'big kid bed'.

They move out, go to college, have their own furniture.

They find a partner to share a new bed with.


User research

We knew nothing about what it's like to be a parent.


So we interviewed people who change diapers on a daily basis.

Bryan and Rachel Rose

Parents to Lucy (3 months)

Diana Flutie

Childhood Sleep Consultant

Natalie Colombo

Parent of Brooks (9 months) and Wylie (2 years)


It's not about the crib.


Cribs are often passed down from friends and family members, while mattresses are purchased new each time.

Safety is truly priority #1.


Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) is a serious concern when it comes to product design.

There's no competition.


No brand 'owns' the baby mattress space at the moment.

Empathy map

Opportunity Diagram

A very true meme

visual design

Why a zebra? 

Casper believes the key to developing great sleep habits is to start before bad ones have the chance to creep in.

And we know that if we can help the next generation to be great sleepers, parents sleep better too. 


Just like zebras, families sleep best in a herd.

Earliest zzZebra doodles


Brand Logo

Brand tag identity 

Product Material Patterns


Splash Page

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Final Screen

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Current design inspiration

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