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product innovation + user research + visual design

4 days. 10 teams.

4 judges (2 Casper reps + 2 industry vets).
10 minutes to pitch.


This work was chosen as the winner of the Brandcenter Sprint.

My role

I created the brand’s logo and visual identity system reflected in the products and screen design.

We thought through different product solutions we gained from user and expert interviews, in addition to market research.

How might Casper become a sleep company, not just a mattress company? 

Screen Shot 2019-01-14 at 3.47.45 AM.png


Casper knew they had to become more than just another mattress-in-a-box company.


With a slew of look-alike brands emerging seemingly every day, Casper had to find a new position on sleep - even if they were the leader in the space.



Casper’s stated mission is to awaken the potential of a well-rested world.


If the brand is serious about this mission, why not be involved in the sleep process from birth?


Why doesn't Casper make beds for babies?

Casper can establish good sleep habits before bad ones ever have a chance to set in.

Sleep is crucial for new families.


New parents are the perfect audience for Casper’s mission. 


Sleep has never been more important than in a house with a newborn.

New parents are more receptive to learn more about sleep.

Sleep schedules of both parents and babies are in flux, so a new sleep pattern is needed.

A new line of Casper products for the next generation of great sleepers.

We couldn’t help but notice a crucial missing item from their product offering: a baby mattress.

Built to grow

The Stripe, Casper’s first baby mattress, is designed to last as your little one grows.

Firm on one side for infant safety and plush on the other for your toddler,
The Stripe is made to last through multiple stages of baby growth.

Updated Current Products

Inspired by Casper’s current cotton line, we made their existing sheets and quilts just a little bit cuter. 

Not only was the cotton collection a little more juvenile, but it’s made with 100% cotton - a material proven to help babies sleep better.

New Products.png
Innovate products.png
Innovate new products

We expanded the zzZebra line with new products based on what we learned from interviews:

Babies sleep everywhere.

We developed a portable mattress so babies can have a comfortable sleep on the go, cleanly and safely.

Expecting mothers don’t sleep well.


Every mom we interviewed (and believe me, there were a lot of them) asked for a product to help them sleep better. 


Door-to-door convenience isn’t going anywhere, just in a slightly smaller box. 

Visual Style

We were inspired by the colors of the Cotton line to create a visual style that still felt cohesive with the Casper brand.

Hospital Partnership

Casper will replace all the mattresses in Maternity Wards with The Stripe so both babies and parents trust the brand name, and get a good night sleep since day one. 


A quick win for restless new parents.

Listeners  don’t even have to own a Casper mattress to know their stance as the thought leaders of sleep.



Breaking the rules is fun.

We chose the unconventional and created a team of two (when we were allowed to go up to seven) so it was an all-hands-on-deck four days.

Babies are a lot of work.

We interviewed new parents, created (and trashed) a slew of baby products - and had to make the decision of what we should include, and what made business sense. 


I'm capable of more than I think.

I was the only designer on the team, so every visual element (minus the presentation) was my doing. 



Paige Rollins, Experience Designer
Luke Colombo, Creative Brand Manager






An abundant amount of Google Docs

User interviews



Natalie Colombo (+ Wylie and Brooks)

Bryan and Rachel Rose (+ Lucy)

Diana Flutie, Childhood sleep consultant

Sloane Hastings + Sara Plotkin, Casper

Caley Cantrell + Andrew LeVasseur, faculty mentors

Ashley Sommardahl

Judges Danielle Flagg + Lance Koenig

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