A few extra goodies and side projects that have influenced the way I think over the past few years. 

Me + Qatari students on a traditional Dhow Boat

My first time on a camel!

Sharing Qatari culture with the VCU campus in Richmond

Me + Qatari students on a traditional Dhow Boat



Shifting my cultural perspective.


I was lucky enough to be chosen as a student representative for VCU’s Delegation to travel to their sister school, VCU Qatar


I applied for the program to investigate the female experience and perception of Middle Eastern people in mainstream American media. 


The hospitality was incredible, and getting to know the students abroad was even better - we went dune bashing, jumped in the Persian gulf together, and shared work and common misconceptions with one another. 


I'm obsessed with my alma mater.

I’ve worked in Higher Education ever since graduating college, and I find it fascinating.

Working in the Marketing and Communications office while earning my master’s degree, I've shared what I learned in class to campus.

Valuing the different experiences users (current and prospective students, parents, alumni) have with Longwood and treating the school like a brand has shifted our approach of how we share our message.

Having a blast at Alumni Reunion Weekend!

Helping out at halftime during the softball tournament

Celebrating LU's 175th Birthday!
Celebrating LU's 175th Birthday!

Having a blast at Alumni Reunion Weekend!


more weird stuff

I've been in three different flash mobs.


This one had a fog machine.

I've jumped over fire.

I was one of the traveling circus monkeys who helped plan and produce Warrior Dash - and learned that obstacle course races are are a ton of work and  fun.

I helped start a summer camp.

We started a girl's horseback riding summer experience from scratch, focusing on inner beauty and creativity.